Jessica Williams

After being abandoned as an infant, Jessica was raised by her birth mother's tutor, Adrianna Williams. As a Beata, Jessica is a witch with extraordinary ability and she cannot always control it. Jessica is known to be calculating and thoughtful, and never rushes into danger without a plan. When she is forced to team up with Damien Crowe, she is pushed to the limit of her comfort zone. Jessica struggles with to think with her head, when she may be better off following her instincts. 

Damien Crowe

Damien Crowe has seen a lot. After his parents died when he was young, and he was raised by an eccentric uncle with extreme views of what the witch hunters should be like, Damien was eager to get out of the life that seemed to be predestined to him. He joined the military at age 18 and was quick to receive promotion to more dangerous and official missions. After a excursion gone terribly wrong Damien was discharged and returned to Toronto to support his brother. When unnatural demons begin targeting his fellow hunters Damien decides to take a risk that no other witch hunter would. A risk that may kill him before he can save anyone. 

Connor Crowe

Connor Crowe is the leader of the Toronto sect of witch hunters, positioning his brother Damien as second in command. Connor is calculatedly professional and articulate, driven and stubborn. He believes that all magic is a plague and should be eradicated from the world - after the early death of his parents and being raised by family who share the extremist view of witch hunters. He is loyal to his brother but often lacks the empathy to connect with others. What Connor doesn't realize, is there is so much more to magic than he was led to believe. 

Adrianna Williams (Nonna)

Adrianna Williams is the adoptive grandmother of Jessica, taking her in as an infant after her parents were killed by witch hunters. Nonna is a powerful witch with an international reputation for being uncompromising and poised woman, with the ability to command respect from everyone she meets. She is unrelenting in her granddaughter's training, all too aware of the dangerous potential in Jessica. Even Nonna cannot keep Jessica safe forever.


Supai is inspried by the Incan god of death Supay, ruler of Ukhu Pacha, the Inca underworld. Spanish Colonizers who invaded South America in 1600s referred to Supay as their Christian Satan.  

The character Supai always wears a mask, with only his black eyes visible. Stare at the wisps of smoke in his gaze for too long and you may lose your soul. No one knows what Supai's true form is behind that mask - or at least, no one has survived to tel about it. With an army of demons at his call, it would be a disaster if Supai ever were to escape from the magical realm.