Demons at the Doorstep

One late October night the citizens of Toronto are startled to see strangely coloured northern lights above their city. While most dismiss it as an odd phenomenon, Jessica Williams knows better. As a young witch living in the city, she is a part of a small handful of beings who know the truth. She sets out to discover the cause of the powerful magic, in hopes of stopping it. Making matters worse is the band of witch hunters constantly on her tail. Led by Connor Crowe and his brother Damien, the group is determined to purge all magic from reality. Jessica’s world is thrown upside down when horrifically mutated demons begin to appear from the shadows. Now she faces her greatest challenge yet. She must destroy the nearly indestructible monsters, and stop the evil that conjures them, all while struggling to control the immense power at her own fingertips. What she did not count on, was being forced to partner with her most dangerous enemy to do it.

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What Readers Are Saying...


"Demons at the Doorstep was an amazing read! The plot was excellent, with great twists along the way, and characters that I absolutely fell in love with. It was a feel-good read that left me eager for more. When’s the sequel?"  - Jessica  


"A thoroughly enjoyable read, fits right in with todays supernatural/adventure novels. We are given such a rich history, and yet, such a fresh take on witches and the magical realm. Great character development, an almost palpable connection that leaves you feeling invested in what lies ahead. I look forward to the sequel and hopefully the introduction of new characters, maybe some other magical beings?!" - Leah

"Great start to what promises to be a great series. Couldn’t put it down. The author grabs your attention with the main characters right in the first chapter and jumps into an adventure that leaves you caring about what happens to these people and anxious to find out what happens next. A must read for any fantasy/adventure fan looking for something new and fresh" - John

"An extraordinary new take on witches and demons, this book draws you in right from the get go." - Naomi

"I’d highly recommend Demons At The Doorstep. Rachael Bell-Irving is a wonderful story teller.  The novel is filled with gripping action and nail-biting suspense. There’s humour to  alleviate stressful situations along with a teasing love interest between two unlikely [allies].  All are makings of a good read and the promise of a great series.  I look forward to book two of the Beatae Series"    - Barb